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HI Everyone,

Ok I am going to admit I have a new addiction. I have been adding it into my iced teas, hot Chai tea, fruit shakes; it gives them a great kick and I have even thrown it into buttercream (although really really very well ground and just a little bit).

What is it? Ginger, which I always used in powder form as a spice to certain foods, has now been replaced in my kitchen, with fresh ginger. One day someone made me a pot of tea with fresh ginger in the tea pot, I loved the flavor  and I was hooked. It was great and also gave me a little pick me up. Since that time, a few weeks, I have been buying fresh ginger at my local market and enjoying it almost every day.

To make a tea, shave the skin from a piece of fresh ginger, cut off a 2-inch chunk and slice it into 2 cups of water to simmer covered for 20 minutes. Remove the slices and pour into a mug and add honey and a squeeze of lemon. Eat the slices after drinking the tea.

Try adding ginger to your favorite drink and tell us if it becomes your latest addiction.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours