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HI Everyone,

There are times when little kids just need to get their hands in something; older kids too. There is something very therapeutic about getting your hands in a dough and squishing it, creating, pounding. Bakers often get that therapy making the dough for bread , decorators with fondant  artists with clay and younger children with play dough.

I remember when I was a nursery school teacher, every Monday we would make play dough with the kids. They loved it, and they could easily sit for half an hour creating with their piece of play dough. So if you would like to make edible play dough at home, here is a simple no cook recipe.


2 Tablespoons oil                     1 cup salt                      1  1/2  cups very warm water                            2 Tablespoons cornstarch               3 cups flour                                 food coloring

1. In a bowl stir the salt into the warm water until dissolved

2. in mixing bowl add all ingredients

3. Mix until it is a doughy non sticky consistency, probably need to use your hands.  If it is too sticky add more flour. then divide into large balls and add food dye. Mix well

4. Put in Ziploc baggies.

If your gang is older they may enjoy making fondant. A bit more messy, very tasty and the possibilities for decorating uses vast.


1 pound box confectioners sugar                               4 Tablespoons Crisco                1/2 cup light corn syrup     1/2 tsp salt

Mix all the ingredients together, if needed add more confectionery sugar if too sticky. Divide into balls and add GEL food dye to color.


16 oz mini marshmallows                                    2-5 Tablespoons water                                2 pounds confectionery sugar                  1/2 cup Crisco to dig hands into

1.Melt marshmallows AND 2 TBSP water in double boiler, if after some time it still seems very thick.

(While marshmallows are melting prepare your table by opening a disposable plastic table cloth. Get the crisco ready, to use to grease your hands AFTER you have poured the marshmallow mixture onto the sugared spot on the table. DON’T grease your  hands before you pour the marshmallow from the hot pot or the pot will become slippery and dangerous to hold.)

2.When marshmallows are melted completely remove from flame and slowly add in up to 3/4 of the confectionery sugar. Stirring carefully, then pour some of the sugar onto prepared table, pour marshmallow mixture on top of sugar  and finally add the rest of the sugar on top of the marshmallow, knead in rest of sugar.

3. Knead mixture for about 8 minutes, if fondant or mixture is tearing add 1/2 TBSP of water at a time because the mixture is too dry.

4. When fondant is kneaded and ready slightly grease outside with crisco and wrap very well in saran wrap and then place  in a ziploc. Let sit overnight for best results.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours