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HI Everyone,

Heat getting to you? Kids driving you nuts needing an activity? Well we’re here to help. Kids of all ages usually like nothing better than sticking their hands in things. Why not take it to the next level and create with all that energy? It is also very soothing and relaxing, and when it is done there is a sense of pride in what they created, not to mention the hours it can keep them focused.

Using either store bought Fondant or you can make it yourself although that is a project in itself ;see last blog post for recipe,turn that lump of fondant into a….figure, superhero, baseball, bicycle…. the sky is the limit.

You can either buy fondant pre-colored and avoid that whole mess or color it yourself with food gel dye.

Here are some tips for working with fondant.

If you are coloring the fondant your self a little goes a long way. You might want to wear gloves when coloring fondant, but if not it does wash off. Also you need to wash hands after coloring fondant so you don’t dye all the pieces and end up with a mush of colors. But remember to dry hands really really well or the moisture will get into the fondant and make a sticky mess.

Fondant dries pretty quickly so it always needs to be kept covered in a plastic bag. Store bought  fondant can last up to a year well covered in a sealed container, which means you can pull it out at anytime.

If your fondant is too sticky use a little cornstarch just a little on your hands and work surface to keep it from sticking to everything. If your fondant seems dry and is cracking use a little, little Crisco, just rub a very small amount into your palms and it will work into the fondant making it more pliable.

The best fondant “glue” is vanilla. Water will dissolve the fondant because fondant is primarily sugar and water dissolves sugar, Vanilla is made from alcohol and the alcohol dries fast yet helps it stick which is what makes it the perfect glue.

If you want to use food markers to color or write on your fondant sculptor the fondant needs to dry first, about one day. It is preferable not to work on a marble surface because often marble is cold and it makes the fondant hard to work with.

Fondant usually needs to be kneaded to get it soft before use.

When making bigger pieces they might need to dry a little in between, you can also use skewers, tooth picks or flower wire to help.

Enjoy and have fun!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours  IMG_0781[1]