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HI Everyone,

We have a couple great ideas here for little kids. Finger painting with food. Actually we have a couple ideas one for Moms who don’t mind a mess and one for Moms who like to keep the place a little neater.

Vanilla pudding is a fabulous base for painting; first you do not need to worry about toddlers wanting to participate but not knowing enough not to stick their fingers in their mouth. Make the vanilla pudding as directed on the package; which is already an activity for young ones. Then divide the pudding into 3 or 4 bowls and add a few drops of color to each bowl.

They can paint on finger paint paper or you can just put out a bid disposable table cloth and they can paint the whole table. When everyone is done cleaning up is deliciously finger licking good!

I know there are plenty of Moms out there that are shuddering at the thought of the mess this would make and are looking for something much much easier.  So another great idea is fill some ziploc baggies with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise. You might even find other condiments in your house. don’t fill the bags more than 1/3 of the way so there is room to squish the “paint”. Kids are using the baggies like an etcha sketch, (did I just reveal my age?)  The point is they can mix the ketchup and mayo a little to make pink or use the bags of color separately whatever you prefer. but the “paint’ stays in the bag!

Lastly and this one s good for slightly older children, they can water color the coffee filters.