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Hi Everyone,

I received an exciting phone call the other day. A big hotel in Jerusalem called because one of their guests on vacation here in Israel was celebrating their sons Bar Mitzvah, and they wanted to know if I could help. The hotel wanted to know if despite the fact that it was 8:00 at night; would it be possible make 70 decorated cupcakes for the next day. We discussed my making Tzizit (a religious garment men wear), and Tefillin, aka phylacteries. I hung up the phone so excited!!!

I put the cupcakes in the oven. Not long after, an event planner called; turns out it was she who suggested the hotel call me, and by the way can I add a few more decorations? The family wanted the logo for the Bar Mitzvah on the cupcakes too. They sent me the logo, it seemed simple enough, a square, some triangles, dots around the shapes and a small M in the middle. Of course I agreed.

Then we actually tried to replicate the logo. I am not much into edible prints, I think the artistry is lost, anyone can Xerox a design, replicating it is a different story. I like the artistic side of creating and the nuances that go along with that. So we start to work, we are using a variety of geometric shapes: diamonds,  squares, and rectangles but it is just not looking right; we finally figure out we need to make a square and cut out the middle. As we are approaching the half way mark we realize the geometric shapes represent the letter ‘mem’ in the Hebrew alphabet! We had been so busy trying to break down the design in order to replicate it that we did not see the bigger picture of the design.

Anyhow, we finished all the varieties they wanted and sent them off. The Bar Mitzvah boy and his family Loved the cupcakes. Which of course made us very happy too!