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Hi everyone,

As a new member of the Kosher Cakery team I am privy to witness the incredibly professional, efficient, and enjoyable production behind the beautiful cakes and cupcakes that we – those privileged to have tasted them – absolutely revel in. As baking and decorating is not exactly my forte (and now you may ask why I am working at a bakery if don’t know how to bake …well every business needs a good administrator too ), I am in awe watching the raw ingredients transform to masterpieces, the empty white-iced cakes into pieces of art, and the (sometimes) commotion into many very satisfied customers …and bellies! And when it came time for Rosh Hashana orders, something else had transformed as well –the entire bakery was now a maze of tables lined with cupcakes and cookies, little bees, apples, and shofars, and a bunch of – delicious looking, but still undecorated – honey cakes. I have to say (with Devorah’s permission of course ;)) that walking in on the afternoon before the orders were all supposed to be delivered, I was feeling overwhelmed. I sprang into action, taking over the box assembly and address labeling (I even got to paint some apples, but if I had touched more of the cake décor they may not have turned out as they did). Devorah and her capable team were calm, confident that everything would be done and out by the morning. And so it was – Kosher Cakery does it again.

Seems like things will be quieter before Yom Kippur 😉  but the Succot orders are pouring in!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours