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Hi Everyone,

We’ve been very busy in our laboratory (ie. Kosher Cakery Kitchen – where it all happens) working on some new exciting flavors for you!

For Succot we were inspired by the Etrog to try a new Lemon cake. The lemon flavor was subtle and added a refreshing taste to the holiday meals. Topped off with a soft coconut frosting – it was a big hit! Some enjoyed the hint of lemon and coconut flavor while others hoped it had a bit more “oomph”. What do you like: a soft, subtle coconut flavor or something nice and strong?

We’re already in Chanukah prep mode as we are experimenting with different kinds of chocolate Sugar Cookies, so we can make the very best for you! We are also working on a deliciously delectable new Brownie-In-A-Cupcake …with a secret topper; so stay tuned for that!

Over the weekend we tried a new Red Velvet delight on some unsuspecting guests. The upgraded Red Velvet cake was a Red Velvet TRIFLE. Imagine this – a Red Velvet cake, layered with whipped cream, flavored with cream cheese, and topped with pureed strawberries in a sweet secret sauce. It was a total hit. A smashing success. A real winner! …Now we have to decide if we want to put this on our “Secret Menu” or save it for a special holiday or occasion.

What do you, our enthusiastic and loyal customers, think? Would you like to see some more new flavors on the menu? What kinds of flavors would you like us to add?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours