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Hi Everyone,

Things have been super busy here at Kosher Cakery; between new babies, Bar Mitzvahs, and special occasion birthdays. We have been working around the clock – both Israeli and American hours to make sure to be there for all our customers around the globe.

Our most recent special birthday request was for a young man turning 18 and it was to be a Beer themed cake. Making custom cakes is always an adventure – the excitement of trying new things, and of course the nerves of making sure it turns out as the customer wants it.

We discussed different ideas. We thought about making beer bottles – something safe, and classic. Too classic, too “done”. We’ve have cakes with wine and scotch bottles before and were ready to try something different.

Then it hit us. Both my sons enjoy a mug of beer, when the mug has been sitting in the freezer chilling, and then pouring it in so the froth overflows. So that kind of inspired us – ideas that come from real life, that are more personal to us, are usually big hits. When making a cake that is inspired by something or someone that we love, the whole process is more fun. In this case, I can’t say I love beer, but the image of my sons’ mugs gave me something to recreate, and smile about in the process.

We wanted to capture that froth-going-down-the-sides look, and needed to figure out the right color for the beer. Adding the frosty look on the mug was a thought …but that will be our challenge for next time.

The barrel and spout were made out of fondant, and we gave the barrel a wood kind of look using texture mats.


At the end of the day, the birthday boy was thrilled, so his family was too. And we at Kosher Cakery call that a success!


~Love From Our Kitchen To Yours