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Hi Everyone,

This week we got a very special order! I personally consider myself a shoe lover; at least that’s what DSW calls me. Unfortunately for my wallet I would have to agree. For awhile I was okay unitl DSW introduced worldwide shipping. But, I know this girl is right there with me ordering her shoes.

When we recieved the call from the girls husband that he wanted a Chanel shoe order for her birthdy I was estatic! I finally get to take my shopoholic side and turn it into cake! I have made shoes in the past, however, they were baby shoes. While baby shoes are oh-so-cute they lack the sophitication of a Chanel shoe.

Now it was time to get to work, I have shoe templates but most of them are for heels or baby shoes. Neither were going to work for this client. Next step, my handy friend Google. I first looked up Chanel shoes to get inspiration and after getting lost in pictures of shoe-heaven I knew exactly what I would do!

I found a template, modified it to fit my needs and presto it was perfect to make this elegant flat! Adding extra details really made the cake come to life. As I was working on the shoe I sent pictures of it in progress to a few of my friends for feedback. They told me that it was so cute! And then asked me where I bought it. Once I had to explain to them that this was for a cake I knew I had done my job.

The idea of putting a shoe like this on top of a plain cake did not sit well with me. I knew what had to be done. Every shoe comes with a box, so thats what I would do. After much diliberation I opted for a white box with a black logo so that the shoe, logo, and price tag (AKA where I wrote Happy Birthday) would stand out.

After putting on the finishing touches I set the cake up in the studio for pictures. Not having time to immediatley put it in the box I left the cake with the backdrop in the studio while I went to do some other work. Another customer came meanwhile to pick up his cake for his wife (notice the theme here?) and was a bit shocked why a shoe was sitting next to other edible items. I have never seen a man look at a shoe the way he looked at mine, I was taken aback and very flattered.

Maybe I should drop the cake decorating and become a shoe designer? I don’t think the boss would like that.

~Love From Our Kitchen to yours,

The Assistant