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Bringing New Color To The Festival Of Lights

Chanukah. The Festival of Lights. Calm and cozy, lighting up those dark afternoons.

At Kosher Cakery we were inspired to add a new element to the Chanuka lights this year. As science teaches us; white light is a mixture of all the colors of the visible spectrum which can actually be seen in the dispersion of light by the prism. We thought that introducingnew color would be a great way to add some fun and delicious tastes to your Chanukah parties and family get-togethers.

In the week leading up to Chanuka, we had all our bright colored fondants, icings, and glaze ready to go. And to make things even more unique, we featured our new-for-Chanukah Brownie as well as chocolate flavored Chanukah shaped cookies. It was fun for everyone at the bakery to work with this new style, and mix things up a bit. And of course, we still had (and have) our regular orders to keep up with as well!

Erev Chanukah arrived. The boxes were made and labelled. We had some extra help around to make sure everything got out on time. And as I personally did some deliveries this time, I was pleased to see the faces of the recipients just “light” up. I’m sure they were pleased to receive a special Chanukah gift from family or friends, and the colorful array of candles, dreidles and stars didn’t hurt ;).

Love From Our Kitchen To Yours