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Breakfast Cupcakes

Also known as Breakfast Muffins … but if you want to get the kids to eat a good hearty meal at the beginning of the day, this could be the secret! Think of it as scrambled eggs with fillers in a different form. No extra bowls or cutlery to wash, no sticky batter to work with, and not even a need for disposable muffin cups. This “Cupcake” is best made fresh and, if all the ingredients are all prepared beforehand, it can be even faster and neater than a regular breakfast ordeal with the kids.


  • Set the oven to about 400F/190C and spray a muffin tin to have ready.
  • Prepare any toppings and fillers you’d like to add to your eggs; cheese, vegetables, spices. Get the bowl of scrambled eggs ready, however you regularly would do (making sure not to add too much milk so the egg can solidify properly to hold all the filings in).
  • Pour egg batter into the muffin tin, about half to three-quarters to the top and add any fillings directly in. Alternatively, if all the cupcakes will be the same, mix all the ingredients into the bowl and scoop into muffin tin evenly.
  • Bake for about 15-20 minutes, until the egg is lightly browned on top. After letting them cool for about 4-5 minutes, remove and enjoy!
  • Eating these Cupcakes in an English Muffin or Pita is delicious!


A great bonus of making these Cupcakes is that the whole family can participate. Instead of a big pan of scrambled eggs for everyone, each member can make their own preferences and put in a separate muffin slot in the pan – saving time and any “I don’t like onions!” or “there’s too much cheese!”