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Hi Everyone,

We receive some pretty unique and very personalized orders from our customers. Last week we received an email from a wife ordering a cake for her husbands 50th. The order was very specific and straightforward; please print this picture as the centre of the cake and write “Apparently you’re 50”, my husband will be so happy! Attached to the order was the picture. Knowing this couple from around town, it didn’t seem to me that this could be a picture of the birthday boy as a child. The features and hair color were not right. But, without asking questions – every family has their inside jokes – we started on the cake and printed the picture.

I was wondering what this “Apparently” phrase was all about. And as goes these days, someone suggested I “google” it, and then I’ll get it. I sat down at my computer and typed “Apparently boy”; the only to pieces of information I had. As the hits came up, it all started to make sense. This was not a pictures of her husband as a child. It’s one of the most recent viral YouTube videos, which her husband probably finds very funny. Check this link out and imagine a 10” cake with this boy and the words “Apparently your 50”.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours