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Hi Everyone,

Mazel tov! An engagement cake! And what a cake it would turn out to be!

Eliana and Ariel love to bike ride. So, it was very apropos that Ariel proposed to Eliana at the top of a mountain and after a long bike ride together. And this was the scene that the mother wanted us to make for her daughters engagement party. 2 Bicycles, going up a hill, with grass and landscape in the background, and of course depicting the engagement, love, couple theme.

The basic idea of the cake seems simple; lots of green grass, some trees and a few hills lining the back. A windy dirt road through the middle. Hearts scattered around the scene. But what about the bikes? We figured gum paste would be the best material to use as its hard, sturdy and dries quickly. But making each piece by hand separately out of gum paste made it too heavy for everything to stay together. Then we tried using cookie cutters to cut the wheels, spokes and other pieces out So far so good! But when we tried to stand it up it was too weak. We needed something to keep everything stable, so a thick piece of gum paste was added in the back to be a support. But now it was close to “game time” we needed the gum paste to dry, and fast! Finally with bated breath we stood the bicycles up and with a little back support they were actually standing! This was Great! The pedals ended up having a stick through them to stay attached to the sides of the bikes. And we made a support (to make sure the bicycles wouldnt fall over) which was created with a black straw wrapped with decorative (matching in color of course) streamers.

The cake made it in one piece and was a huge hit! When its all said and done, this cake was representative of this couples special story;  the couple was thrilled that their special moment was captured, the parents were so happy that we made the engagement party that much more meaningful and we were thrilled that we could take part in a small piece of their story.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours