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Alphabet Party
Ages 2-4

Kids love learning. Their drive for discovery is so pure and genuine. Around preschool age, the new highlight in their learning career is beginning to read! Watch a child’s proud face light up when they start identifying letters, singing the alphabet, and then of course spelling his or her own name! What a meaningful theme to use for your preschooler’s birthday party.

First, choose a letter to work with. Naturally, the first letter of your child’s name is probably the most significant to them.

Invitations are probably the best place to start. Cutting out the letter shape can be moms or dads job, and the birthday girl or boy can take over the decorating – each one unique! Write all the info on the other side. If you are sending this in the mail make sure to use a thick, durable bristle type paper.

Decorations can also be cut-outs, all colors and sizes, and hung on the walls or in a banner arrangement.  Find poster or stickers of things that start with the letter you chose, and those can also be used to décor.

On party day, your child will be excited to wear clothes/colors/accessories that all start with the letter of the party. If you want to go all out, challenge yourself to buy/make only foods that start with that same letter.

Activities can all incorporate, or be re-named to start with the right letter. For example, at Sarah’s party she can work with ideas such as Sun or Snow, School or Scientist, Soccer or Scuba Diving.

And don’t forget the presents! On the invitations, specify that gifts should all start with letter __ .

Happy Spelling!


-This can also be a Number Party, of course replacing the letter decor with a number you and your child choose (probably the age they are turning makes the most sense J)

-A Color Party, using one color throughout the theme, is also a creative spin!