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Baby Carriage

Hi Everyone,

We have been very busy here at Kosher Cakery and would like to welcome a few new people. The most exciting of course is my new; and first grandson. His name is Moshe. He is adorable, a lot of fun to play with and sweet as can be. Of course it was a tremendous thrill to bake for his bris and Pidyon Haben (a special ceremony for the first born boy of a couple). The parents requested a cake with only butter cream for all baked items and we came up with 2 adorable ideas. Somehow we did not take pictures of everything, but here are a few.

In the bakery family we welcome new baker Paul who hails from Australia and is actually a health foodie and had his own catering company. Paul now makes most of our cookies and keeps us entertained while he works.

Yal is from London and great to have around. She started with us Purim time and just fit right in doing whatever needed to be done. Yal loves coming up with something different and unique for each customer.

Emma is from right here in Bet Shemesh and has actually been with us for almost a year. Her artistic talent helps us create many of the exciting pieces you have seen on our cakes this past year.

Shoshana, another employee, is also tremendously talented in art and it was actually her father who built some of our cabinets and shelving units for our bakery. He is a carpenter and is waiting for us to remodel our kitchens.

Rachel (my daughter) works all the hours no one else wants to work, the midnight shift. Since we are based in Israel but the majority of our client base is around the world we often get calls after other bakeries have closed for the night. She is also our creative mind, the one who created our special line of cards: birthday, Mazal Tov, new baby, Shabbat Shalom and any other reason you might have to send a cake, cupcakes or cookies. The cards are beautiful, fun and reflect the specialness of the occasion.

~With Love From Our Kitchen to Yours