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Pancake cake

Hi Everyone,

My son A.Z. absolutely LOVES my pancakes. We usually add in bananas, chocolate chips or blueberries and then we top it off with pure Vermont maple syrup and whipped cream. It is a recipe he keeps well guarded.  No matter how many of his friends Moms’ would call and ask for the recipe I was forbidden to give it out.

As the years went on, he would go to his friends’ houses and make it for them provided no one could be in the kitchen and get a glimpse of the recipe.

It was not just a special breakfast that would give reason to enjoy the pancakes, but it became how we would break fast as well. One day before a fast was about to be over the house was over flowing with my 3 kids and their friends. Word was out that we break our fast on pancakes. Clearly I was going to have to make a few more batters.

Then I learned how to make a gravity defying cake; although the class was making waffles, I immediately knew what cake my son was going to get this year for his birthday.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours