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Torah and Torah cake

Hi Everyone,

We received a call from Mia Weiss who wanted us to make a Torah cake and wanted to know if we could make the same design on a cake as was on the Torah they were looking to dedicate. Dedicating a Torah is not an everyday occurrence and we at Kosher Cakery were thrilled to be a part of this momentous event. But we were also curious, what was the story behind this dedication?

We were told that the Sefer Torah was being dedicated as a Hodaya (thanks) to Hashem (God) for saving their family from a house fire. The fire burnt their house to the ground, on January 11, 2008, and thankfully no one was hurt. The family wanted to do something that would help improve and inspire the lives of others.

The Weiss family has always been very involved with AMIT here in Israel, and Mia had also been the President of the AMIT chapter in West Hempstead before making Aliyah.

So when Mia and Herman decided to dedicate a Torah they reached out to AMIT to see if there were any schools that needed a Sefer Torah. The AMIT Ramle School is a vocational school that has programs for underprivileged teens, and gives  kids an opportunity to graduate high school with degrees in electronics, food preparation, hair styling, secretarial skills, and a cadets program. They found out that this school was in serious need of a Sefer Torah. Many of the students in this program had never seen a Torah dedication before, which made this event even more exciting.

The Party with the “twin” cake was a huge success and the Torah is now being used twice a week by the kids.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours