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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I picked up the phone and found that I was talking to someone from Thailand! It started me thinking back to the day we opened; almost 3 years ago. It had never occurred to me then that someone in Thailand, Dubai, Ireland, Holland, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand would be calling me, Kosher Cakery, to send something to someone they loved and missed in Israel.

When the call came from Japan, which was actually just a few days ago, it blew my mind. It made me stop and wonder how small the world really is. So many different lives; the lady in Russia wanting to send her best friend a birthday cake, and telling me how her childhood friend moved away and now lives in Tel Aviv, or the girl from Costa Rica sending her boyfriend a cake for his birthday wishing she were with him to celebrate but knowing this will help connect them for a few special moments.

I have a special relationship with my customers; when they call up and tell me their story and how what I am sending means so much to them. When I get a glimpse into their lives; like the boyfriend sending a cake in the shape of Australia where he and his girlfriend met, with fondant “pieces” that will remind her of their time together.

Helping people connect makes my day, like the daughter from Argentina wanting to be with her Mom on Mothers Day and sending her a bouquet of fondant flowers on cupcakes. Whether it is the Dr. graduating Medical school, the wedding cookies being sent from a cousin who is so disappointed to miss the wedding or the “just because I care” package (and yes we have a card for that too!) it is a way to bond when so far from the ones we care about.

It has been an honor getting to know everyone.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours