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Hi Everyone,

A cake for a teenage boy needs to be cool, different. So when Mom called and asked if we could make a Hamburger cake, complete with fries and hot dog we were excited.


This is how we did it: We baked a yellow cake to use as the bun, and took a chocolate cake crumbled it and mixed in chocolate frosting to look like  a hamburger. We placed it on top of the bun. We wanted that just off the grill look so we decided on a caramel sauce and poured that on top of the burger letting it drip down the sides.


We took green fondant and rolled it out really, really think and curled the edges to give it a lettuce effect.  The tomatoes, also made out of fondant were cut much thicker and then we cut out triangular shapes from inside them. We decided against recreating tomato pulp.



The onions were from rolled white fondant and our ketchup was buttercream frosting. Since we were making a Kosher burger we did not add cheese.




We  wanted to give the French fries a wavy look, so we took pieces of cake and cut them with a crinkle cutter.

It was a big success.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours