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IMG_1706[1]Hi Everyone,

Do you ever feel like the men in your life are from Mars or the women are from Venus? Well this story goes to show how true that statement is in this tragedy that will pain all women and be relate-able to all men alike.

I recently received a call from a lady whose long time friend, Frances, was coming for a visit to Israel for her 60th birthday. She wanted to know if I could make a special cake for Frances. Frances, is not just a math teacher, but gets a thrill doing math equations and all things math related. She also loves wearing colorful shoes and one last request, could I please make a silver scarf. The scarf she explained was very important.

Many years ago, Frances and her husband were visiting Israel and she found this marvelous silver scarf. She absolutely fell in love with the scarf and wore it constantly. It was by far her most favorite accessory and she took good care of it for many years to come. For this 60th birthday her husband wanted to make her something unique and asked her to leave out all the scarves she no longer cared about and that he could use, cut up and turn into something special. She made a pile of the scarves and left them on her bed.

When she came home later that day she was exhausted and took off her silver scarf dropping it on the bed. Then she went about the house straightening up, and making dinner.

In the meantime, while she was busy around the house, her husband went into the bedroom and saw the scarves piled on the bed, he knew the silver one was a favorite but, it was in the pile and who was he to question her decision so he took it along with the other discarded scarves.

By the time she realized what had happened it was too late; the scarf was no longer anything that resembled something to be worn around one’s neck. Needless to say she was more than a little peeved- how often does one go to Israel or find a beautiful silver scarf?

The cake was a complete surprise to Frances and she was touched to see her “silver scarf” on a cake that was marking a major milestone in her life. Happy Birthday Frances we wish you many more happy and healthy years with all your scarves in tact!

~Love From  Our Kitchen to Yours

A Taste of Home in Israel