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Hi Everyone,

We are so excited to tell you that we have added a whole new menu to our website.  It has been three years and I still love eating my yellow cake, which often amazes people; but, I thought maybe it would be exciting to add some more excitement to our bakery. So we decided to have some fun this summer. We did a lot of experimenting, held loads of taste testings in the bakery and came up with new additions to our menu.

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It has been a little hot here lately and recently for Shabbos I had made lemon sorbet for dessert. It was nice and refreshing and we decided that it is the perfect flavor to add to our menu. Although, fresh lemons here are seasonal so it can’t be offered all year long, when they are in season it is a light delicious cake made only with fresh lemons and lemon zest. Ever since I was a child lemon curd was always a favorite of mine, and often when we would travel to London to see family we would inevitably bring back some jars of lemon curd. For some reason I just never made it myself, but now I felt ready to take the leap, lemon curd filling with a lemon cake the perfect match!


Snicker doodle came about because we have actually been making loads of smoothies this summer and we really enjoy the flavor of cinnamon.  We decided to try a cinnamon cake and it came out great! And it pairs with our vanilla, caramel and toasted coconut frosting beautifully.

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Funfetti is one of those things added to cakes that makes the inside look just as fun as the outside! The cake turns into a party; kids especially love it and it goes with any yellow cake.




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Nutty Amaretto is the perfect combination of the almond liquor and toasted almond pieces inside. We have a toasted almond frosting that I love; in fact I love toasted almonds in almost anything. This made me realize how wonderful toasted almonds would probably be in a cake. It is a sophisticated taste of toasted almonds that also adds a little crunch and goes scrumptiously well with our vanilla, Swiss meringue and caramel frosting.

The tropical rum cake, as the name suggests, goes well with the toasted coconut. Coconut flavor is pretty big here in Israel and I happen to adore coconut flavored desserts. Really what I wanted was a cake that would pair fabulously well with a coconut flavored frosting.

To all those coffee lovers out there, I must be honest, our newest flavor Cappuccino was not created because I love coffee. There are times I need the caffeine; but in order for me to drink my cup of joe it needs to be incredibly sweet and have a caramel flavor that enhances the coffee taste. And that is how our scrumptious cappuccino flavor came to be.

We hope you enjoy our new flavors!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

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