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Hi Everyone,

Family and friends are coming over and you need something for dessert. By something I mean it has to look good, taste good and not take all day.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas that are as easy as pie:Image result for baked apples with ice cream

  1. Spoon it over ice cream. Who needs the pie? A scoop of vanilla ice cream with warm apple pie filling on top and you won’t even realize there is no crust.  Image result for pound cake with fruit topping
  2. If you have a plain cake like pound cake, lemon cake or ginger bread try topping it with pie filling. Raspberry or cherry go great with lemon cake, blueberry filling is fabulous with pound cake and for the spicy ginger bread that good ole apple is the perfect match!





  1. Want to fill your cake with something different? Use a pie filling! Just make sure to make a butter-cream border by putting butter-cream around the edge of the cake before adding the filling. This helps make sure that the pie filling won’t start oozing out. If you don’t have any pastry bags put the butter-cream into a zip lock bag and cut off the corner. Squeeze out any additional air before zipping the bag closed.
  2. Use it as a crepe filling.Image result for crepe with fruit topping

5. Use it instead of maple syrup on your pancakes or waffles.


Image result for pancakes with fruit topping

  1. Meringues go great with fruit so try filling your meringues with pie filling! When piping out the meringue make a filled in circle and then build up a wall with the batter. After they have baked and cooled add in pie filling! 

~Love From Our Kitchen to YoursImage result for meringues with fruit topping

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