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Hi Everyone,


Oh my. Where do we begin? You know, the crazy thing about a bakery, is that I can never predict how many orders I’ll have. But hey, we’ve been getting pretty organized around here.  Expecting the craziness is the name of the game.

After last Rosh Hashana, which was surprisingly – wait, why surprising? Isn’t that what we aim for? But it was still a surprise. As I was saying – this year we decided to be super organized. Yeah, like all cute little bumble bee topping were ready wayyy long ago.

The phone begins to ring about a week before Rosh Hashana. At first it’s such a slow trickle. You’d think it’s drizzling. But then? It’s like people got a memo “helloo there are people you love, send them something!”. They get a wakeup call and the bakery’s rings non-stop.  Order after order comes in, gets filed and sent straight to the kitchen. Whirlwind is an understatement. The best part though? All those beautifully wrapped boxes waiting for our delivery guy at the end of the day.

We love working hard. But wait; the even better part?  All those happy people. Hey, would you complain if you had to start the new year with a custom made cake, sent from someone you love? Yeah, didn’t think so.

I know y’all are wondering what the big number is. 70. Do you believe it? Yupp. Big number for us around here! We’re so hyped. This is good news for Kosher CakeryJ

I’m wondering how I have time to blog, but seriously, don’t we all need a break sometimes? I hardly take breaks, but for this very moment hot tea on my porch is all I can handle.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be sitting here for long.  But for now I’m sipping my tea with milk (cannot live without it. No way.)and staring at the beautiful sky out there. This is awesome. All you readers, you seriously must try it.


But as soon as this tea is done, and I take in one more breath of fresh air, it’s Hello Sukkos! We got some crazy-awesome-fun-filled-fall-sukkos-theme things coming up these next two week. Check back in next week for our Sukkos prep.











~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

A Taste of Home in Israel