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Hi Everyone,

We had a heat wave hit here in Israel. While that may not be news, imagine working in a bakery, ovens on for hours, mixers going, AC full force and the power blows- yikes!

There were 4 of us in the bakery at that time, and all that ran through my mind was what is going to happen to the cakes in the oven?! The ovens were full with cake and cookie orders; on top of that we were in the midst of mixing more batters.

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With the bakery plunged into near darkness and work tables filling most of the floor space, we were all trying to figure out how to maneuver to the electrical box. Everything was bustling just moments before with turn tables lining the tables with cakes to be iced, cookie boxes set up waiting to be filled, rows of cookies in the midst of being decorated, and here we were unable to see more than two feet in front of us.  We held our breath as we unplugged what we could and slowly started turning everything back on.  

Luckily, Baruch Hashem, the power was not out for long and the ovens had kept a steady enough temperature that all the cakes came out fine.  

We hope all of you are staying cool in this weather.

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~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

A Taste of Home in Israel