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Hi Everyone,

Finding the perfect recipe does not have to be hard especially if you have a friend who always has the best recipes. Here is Tsippy Nussbaum’s chocolate cake recipe. Tsippy also has her own recipe book: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gebrochts, which has fabulous recipes for Passover.


Tsippy’s Chocolate Cake

3 cp flour         3 cps sugar               2 cp water

1 cp oil              1 cp cocoa                 2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp vanilla       1 tsp salt                    4 eggs

Mix everything together and add eggs last

Pour into two 9“pans and bake for 1 hour at 350


You have a lot of people coming and need a huge cake but your pan is not big enough for all your guests, what do you do?

Don’t worry!

Get the biggest size pan you can find, generally it is a lasagna pan. Depending on how many people you are having you will need 4-8 pans. If you are making a cake to serve 80 people you will probably need to make 4 batches of cake to fill 8 cake pans. Do not try to triple or quadruple the recipe in one go this will seriously mess with the chemistry and flavor of the cake and it will be a mess. This recipe doubles really well.


Find or buy a board to be able to lay out 4 cake pans leaving about 2” between the cake and the edge of the board. (In the past before life as a bakery owner, I have used shelves not currently in use and covered them with tin foil.) Now I buy boards and cover them with either fondant or royal icing; it all depends on how fancy you want to be.

When the cakes are out of the oven and cooled put a little frosting on the board in the spots where the cake will be; that will be your “glue” to hold your cake from slipping off the board.

Then you can turn 4 of the cake pans out onto the board. Fill the cakes with your favorite frosting and then top with the second set of cakes.

After your cakes are covered in frosting and decorated you will have a cake big enough for 80 people.


~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

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