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Hi Everyone,

It has happened to us all, we work hard and bake a cake and are all excited about serving it to our family or friends. We take it out of the oven the smell of the freshly baked cake wafting through the kitchen air. We put the cake aside to cool and when we come back we find the cake has sunken in. Our hearts sink and we try to figure out what on earth could have gone wrong.

fallen cake

There are a few reasons for this; there could be too much baking powder or baking soda in the batter. I have a cake recipe that I love but it did not work well for cupcakes until I realized I had to adjust the baking soda and baking powder down a bit.


Make sure your oven is preheated to the correct temperature before putting in the cake. If your cake or cupcakes were removed too early they will sink because they are not fully baked.

But now there is no turning back- the cake is out of the oven and you are not baking it again. Chances are the cake still tastes good so one easy solution is to serve the cake “upside down”. Flip the cake onto a platter and decorate the bottom as if it was the top.

fallen cake
What if your cake or cupcakes cracked and peaked?  It might be your oven was too hot, you did not have enough liquid in the recipe, or the pans/cupcake holders were overfilled or they over baked. With a cupcake you can remove the top and add some frosting. Another cute idea is to use a cookie cutter and cut out about a ¼ inch deep of the center of the cupcake. After you press the cookie cutter down ¼ inch use a knife to help get the cake out and then fill that hole with frosting. This will make the cupcakes look super cute and whimsical.


~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

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