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Hi Everyone,


Kitchen Chemistry 101 here!oil  Here is another basic, we use at home and in the bakery.


While baking, you for sure noticed that the oil is generally mixed in with the eggs and sugar. Ever wonder why? I knew it. So here’s the science behind it –


Oil and water do not mix. When baking, we need the fat (be it oil, margarine or butter) to emulsify with the other ingredients in order to get that oh-so-delicious-cake.  How do we get around the slight issue of oil not combining well with water? Mix it with an ingredient that will befriend it and allow a beautiful blend. This is why we first mix it in to the sugar and eggs – they allow that mixture.


Now, that we’re all blended, when adding the liquid in the recipe – be it water, milk or juice – it emulsifies smoothly and your cake and cookies turn out perfectly. So don’t skip that step!


While we’re on the topic of oil…


Can it be substituted for applesauce, for a healthier option? Before you jump into it, get this –


Don’t substitute all the oil for applesauce, because your cake/cookies will come out a lot denser (and tasting like apples!). If you do half the amount of oil, and for the other half substitute with apple sauce, you’ll get the perfect result. Healthy. Yummy. Fluffy and mushy. Perfect.


~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

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