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As a mother of children all over the age of 20 I no longer have the absolute pleasure of being a birthday party chauffeur. But, way back in the day (am I dating myself here?) I remember picking my children up from parties and listening to them rave about the cake (which could also be done silently if they liked it enough to induce a sugar coma). This was before Kosher Cakery days – when what a cake looked like can be a 20 minute enthusiastic conversation.

We all know the truth – what’s really important about a cake is that it tastes great. Buutt but, we also know it needs to look great. Way more appetizing and exciting.  Isn’t presentation everything? So, here are a few cake ideas and designs to get the creative juices flowing. Ready, set, go!

Some amazing cupcake ideas:

Decorate your cupcakes with caterpillars, a train, lady bugs or Lego pieces.

Caterpillar cupcakes:




Cover the cupcakes with green frosting, and one cupcake- the head! – gets covered in red frosting. You can make decorate with the frosting on the caterpillar as shown in the picture.

Ladybug cakes:

lady bug cake

Cover the tops of the cupcakes in red frosting or fondant and add some black spots. The three easiest way (after much trial and error) to make the black spots are:

1. Chocolate chips

2. Chocolate frosting

3. Black fondant – the most sophisticated 🙂

Just as easily, you can cover a cake in red fondant or frosting and dot it to get one big ladybug.

Lego and Train cupcakes:


Boys love love love Lego and trains; I hope this isn’t shocking news to you.  An easy way to make Lego pieces is simply out of fondant.  Simply cut squares or rectangular pieces and then make little balls and add those to the tops.

You can also buy Lego candy and put it on top of the cupcakes.  Everyone will be soo impressed, and you can just take in the compliments.


Go makes those kids smile!

~ Love from our kitchen to yours,

A taste of home in Israel