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Today we’re going to address a major kitchen problem we’ve all faced at some point in life. It’s disappointing, frustrating and oh so annoying.

Many many many friends say they just don’t get it. Why?  I’m sure you can relate. You follow the recipe. That’s after you read and re-read it, did exactly what it said. And it came out..well..a far cry from that beautiful picture. It’s probably a fake, you’re thinking to yourself.

flopped cake

One friend called me, seeking advice to make an over-the-top-impressive-mouth-watering-dish, while another was beside herself when a Duncan Hines mix just wouldn’t turn out right. But, the (unfortunate) rule is that..*drum roll* baking is not cooking.

Some crazy rules like the way the salt reacts with baking powder and baking soda (what? kitchen science is to blame? Often – YES!). Believe it or not, but if you don’t measure you’re flour or sugar properly, that can very well be the reason for the big kitchen flop 🙁

Yet, no matter how many times I try to explain it some people just don’t understand why they can’t just dump all the ingredients into a bowl and get the most beautiful creation their kitchen has yet to see. Don’t we all wish things were so effortless easy? Here though, a bit of hard work is worth it. Sigh? Maybe. But soo worth it!

Ready for some amazing tips? A few tiny secrets that can get you gorgeous looking food, pretty easily! Stick around 🙂

Today’s tips just require parchment paper, oven racks, and a fridge. Told you this will be easy!

Tip # 1:

Always always always measure out all your ingredients properly. This means use a proper measuring tool and make sure the top of the spoon or cup is flat before pouring  it into the mixer.  Look out for an upcoming blog with more on this!


Tip # 2:

I know what you’re going to say. You are a PRO at measuring. But still, experience some kitchen flops. One step we all love skipping is that separate bowl rule. Mix all dry ingredients together, and wet ingredients into another bowl.. That rule that requires more time, more dishes, and more mess.

mixing wet ingredients

Here’s the ugly truth through – YES it matters, but the pretty truth –  YES you can avoid it sometimes! I won’t go into the science part of it partially because it’s boring (and partially because I don’t 100% get how it works- Science and I were never really best buds in high school).

Now, how to avoid it is actually pretty simple. First you want to put all of your wet ingredients into the bowl – this list is usually the order they’ll go in: eggs, sugar, oil/butter/margarine and vanilla. Don’t look at me like that. I know that sugar isn’t a liquid. As I said, we’re skipping the science here – but trust me on this. Please 🙂

Mix everything up and then you can put in all of your dry ingredients. (Generally you will need to alternate adding a liquid like juice, water, creamer or milk and the dry ingredients) VOILA! You have managed to avoid using two bowls and now everything you bake will come out tasting delicious!

Now that your coffee-blog-reading-break is just about over, check in next week for more simple fail proof kitchen tips.perfect cake


~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours
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