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Hi Everyone,

We’ve been talking a lot about kitchen tips like how to avoid cakes falling in, and what can be the cause of a flopped recipe although you followed the instructions.  Do stay tuned for more on these! (coming up – Chemistry in the Kitchen pt#2 – look out!).


Today, we felt the urge to share a little bit from inside the bakery. Many of you wonder – what actually goes on? How many orders go out a day, and so forth.

We are dedicating today’s post to some Kosher Cakery chat. Ready? Here goes.

We all know what morning time looks like. Half-asleep-coffee (for me it’s tea – shout out to my English roots!), quick check of the phone, throw on some clothes.  Make sure everyone has their lunch. Just the way they like it. Or else. Run out the door, with smiles and kisses of course.


Well, believe it or not. Mornings in the bakery look quite similar. Wake up, drink our coffee or tea – as you wish. Look over today’s upcoming orders, and jump into action. We gotta make sure all our costumers are happy as can be. Double check the order – no mistakes please. Blow up balloons for those who want extra fun, and the delivery is on it’s way.


How? More about that soon, you’ll love our delivery story.

This is when the day officially begins. Set up all the orders for the day.  Cakes that haven’t been baked yet are baked and cooled. After this, all cakes are evened out and coated with our delicious buttercream to keep in the freshness. What happens to those pieces of cake that get cut in the process of evening them out? You guessed it – First come first serve!

This is when the real fun begins. The custom, detailed and personalized decorating takes place. Like this sushi lover cake, this tin man cake and these baby cookies.  The cake gets photographed in our studio, and then packaged with a note, ready to be sent off.

We promised to answer – who delivers our baked goods? Our cakes need to cared for and protected, so we wanted to find the best drivers out there. And lucky us! Oh boy did we!

Meet Yaron and Yitzik.

kosher cakery taxi drivers

The all-time-best-drivers-cake-delivery-men.

We met/found them both our first year in Israel. Yaron even puts a seat belt around the cakes. Wouldn’t want them to get hurt, no? He’s awesome.  A big plus is that he is actually a neighbor of Kosher Cakery. Itzik was our first go to driver, and basically still is. Nothing like good, trustworthy drivers.

Tzion (no picture :-(), is another driver, but less often used. Recently, we called him for a personal ride, and he asked why he doesn’t get the privilege of driving cakes around Israel.  He actually said “Everyone needs to share your cakes!”. LOL. And it gets even  better. The other day, we knew Yitzik was busy, so we called Yaron for the job. As luck has it, he was unavailable. What do you do when your delivery men are busy! Always trust good old Israeli brotherly love. Yaron called Yitzik for the job, but then he wanted to know why Yaron knew about the delivery first!

Jealousy? Don’t think so. We like to call it Kosher Cakery Love.

Happy weekend!

-Love from our kitchen to yours,

A taste of home in Israel