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Hi Everyone!

Personally I absolutely love baking with kids. Ever since my oldest was 2 years old he was helping me in the kitchen. Does it save time? Not at all. Is it double the fun? Absolutely! It make take longer, create more mess, but it’s such a wonderful experience. Obviously, if you have the time for it!

baking with kids

Watching my children’s faces while they dump in ingredients or help mix everything together is priceless. While some people shy away from the mess, I just sort of embraced it or accepted it and went with the flow. Once I accepted this this might be a messy, time consuming experience, I was able to enjoy it so much more. And I’m sure my kids enjoyed a relaxed mommy as well.  As my son grew and was able to do more the pleasure of baking together grew as well. There’s nothing (well, almost) like watching your son mastering cookie cutting. He loved it so much. And me? I was a proud mama 🙂

As my other kids got grew up a bit I continued baking with them. Sometimes I baked with them individually which was a wonderful way to be able to spend time bonding. Sometimes days – like a snow day – we would all gather in the kitchen, roll out the dough and cut the cookies, each one being able to make the cookie shapes they prefer (there are loads of different cookie cutters out there)  and decorate them as they wish. I definitely saw some interesting stuff!

Cooking magic cakes

Decorating cookies is a great way to keep kids occupied while you are in the kitchen and still be together, It is a fabulous way to spend time with your children, and whether you are baking for Shabbos or a holiday or just to warm up from the winter chill; it always brings a smile to my face.

The memories are there forever, which is perfect since I was so busy with the kids I don’t even have pictures!! Please forgive me.

Love from our kitchen to yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel