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Hi Everyone,

Has this question ever bothered you, or have you ever felt perplexed but the seemingly same thing but seemingly not?

Frosting, Buttercream and Icing. Who is Who?

In your house, you may have definitions down pat (or you don’t), but in the real world (i.e. recipes), we use the following definitions.

First of all let’s understand the difference between them. Yes, there is a difference. This will be simple, easy to understand and will make your life oh-so-much-better.

Buttercream and frosting are often used interchangeably. Buttercream is made with, you guessed it! Butter. Cool, right? I know 🙂


That’s what gives it that absolutely delicious flavor. It generally has the same ingredients as frosting, which are confectionery sugar, a liquid and vanilla, but often  frosting is made with margarine or shortening.

Buttercream and frosting are often used interchangeably. You can safely substitute one for the other.

Icing on the other hand is more like a glaze. Icing and glaze are made without shortening. It is made from confectionery sugar and a liquid, usually a liquid with flavor although water can be used.

The rule is such – more liquid = runnier icing, which many will call glaze. Less liquid = thicker icing.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for!  Over the top, sweet creamy perfection.


Delicious Chocolate Frosting

6 TBSP soft margarine

2 and 2/3 cup confectionery sugar

1/3 cup milk  or milk substitute

1 tsp vanilla

Cocoa powder –  depending on how dark or chocolaty you want your frosting, add as follows:

1/3 cup cocoa=light flavor, ½ cup cocoa = med flavor, ¾ cup cocoa= dark strong flavor


Cream margarine and cocoa powder

Add sugar alternately with milk and beat to spreading consistency.

Now, wasn’t that simple? And delicious. Yum.


Glaze Icing

1 ¼ cups confectionery sugar

1 ½ tsp lemon juice

Place the sugar in a mixing bowl. Very slowly add the lemon juice; mixing it to get a smooth spoonable (that’s  a word in Kosher Cakery)consistency. You can use rum, orange juice, or kahlua instead of lemon juice, depending on your mood.



From our kitchen to yours

~A taste of home in Israel.