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Hi Everyone,

Today we were debating. More kitchen chemistry, or some chocolate talk. You guessed it (or did our title to this post give it away?). Anyway. Can never talk about chocolate too much. Right? We know you’re hooked 🙂

coffee choc

Lets dive right in. Chocolate and coffee. Any normal person’s all time favorites.

How can the two be added to every part of our life? Ah, we have the answers!

If you want to add coffee flavor (to what? ANYTHING!) simply add enough hot water to dissolve the coffee and add that, or you can make it a little strong and replace some of the liquid of the recipe you’re using with coffee, it will give it a lot more flavor.

A great way to enhance the flavor of a cake is to use a glaze.  Glazes bring out the flavor in an oh-so-delicious-sweet-yummy-way. Using a lemon glaze on a lemon cake or a glaze with Kahlua on a coffee flavored cake will add to the cake flavor.  Try it next time you’re in the kitchen. Everyone will love you forever, and only you know that it took no longer than exactly 2 minutes to make. We discussed making the best glaze ever in our last post.

What’s the difference between a good chocolate cake, a really good chocolate cake, and a finished-before-I-had-time-to-serve-it chocolate cake? Yup. The quality of the chocolate. There’s good chocolate, really good chocolate and finished-before-I-had-time-to-make-the-cake chocolate.  Try to get amazing quality chocolate, even if it is a bit more pricey, and you will taste the difference!

Since we’re talking about real delicious flavors, we’ll just go on a roll for a moment.


Have you ever gotten vanilla bean flavored ice cream? If not – run out NOW and get some and then come back, you won’t regret it! There is something so delicious, the extra flavor; and you can also put in your cake or frosting. At home. Yupps! Simply cut a vanilla bean open and scrape out all the vanilla seeds. It adds a wonderful flavor.

Oh. Don’t forget the chopped or crushed cookies and candy pieces.

cookie frosting

What did this have to do with coffee and chocolate? Nothing, aside from them making you happy and cheery inside Just add some to your cake batter. Choose one type of mix in several types of candies and cookie pieces.

You can also do this in the butter cream which gives it a great flavor and texture.

Try it at home!


Love from our kitchen to yours,

~ A taste of home in Israel.