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Hi Everyone,

We’re warming up here! Well not actually, the weather is FINALLY reassuring us that winter will come around this year.


But our kitchen is warming up, our hearts are warming up. Don’t we all await the coziest holiday of the year? The flickering candles, happy children, rain knocking on the rooftops.

There’s something so special about Chanukah that turns it into a happy family holiday. It’s actually nice when the day turns into dark so early on, kind of forcing us all to get into cozy mood.

Ok. You’re wondering (or are you?), what happens at Kosher Cakery during Chanukah.  We’re gearing up for another incredible year.

Last year, we had Chanukah brownies. Remember those?

And this year, we went all out. Over the top. Perfect. Wintery. Excitement. We created a SPECIAL chanukah frosting. It pairs perfectly with those wintery snowflakes.


Did you guess it?

Mint frosting.

We came up with this incredible mint frosting. It completely melts in your mouth, topping of chocolate cake of course.4-chanukah-cupcakes

Look out for more Chanukah news, and some big Kosher Cakery news is coming up!


Love from our kitchen to yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel