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Hi Everyone,

We think it’s time. So many cool, fun and creative cakes go through the doors of Kosher Cakery. It’s time to share some of the fun with you 🙂

This one is for Coby. He is a wonderful, fun loving enthusiastic boy. His family recently made Aliyah to Israel, and just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Bet Shemesh.

Coby shares the biking passion with his father, an old timer Bike 4 Chai biker. He passed on his love and skill for biking to Coby.

Once in Israel, he took his biking to a whole new level. “He fell in love with the mountains in Israel” says his Grandmother Judy who is so proud of him. At 13, Coby is a skilled mountain biker.

It came as no surprise, that the family ordered bicycle cookies for his Bar Mitzvah party.


We were so happy to hear from Judy that “The cookies were amazing! Everyone loved them. Thank you!”

The fun really began a few days later. Family friends from the USA contacted us. They wanted to send a big cake for Coby’s party. We had a feeling they would ask for a bike theme. And we were right! 🙂 This was no regular bike themed cake. Oh my.


Two tiered. Mountains, paths, and of course – Coby’s trusty bike!

Coby’s mother reported “We loved it!!! It was absolutely unbelievable. Thank you so much!”

Happy birthday Coby 🙂


Love from our Kitchen to yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel