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Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between store bought vanilla extract and the real stuff? Wonder or not, we have the answer for you. And it is so.very.simple.


Remember how we discussed the absolute amazingness of real vanilla bean ice cream? That rich, serious delicious kick of vanilla that tastes like it’s so fancy? Yup. That one.

And that’s the difference.

vanilla bean

You can baked with vanilla flavored stuff, and you can bake with homemade-vanilla-flavored-stuff. The results will be so different, you’ll be shocked. If you haven’t tried it yet, we’re bringing it to you today –

Real. Homemade. Vanilla. Extract. Bonus = super easy.

All you’ll need are two simple ingredients that will change your baked good forever.


Vanilla beans

How to?

For every 1 cup vodka, use 2-3 vanilla beans.

Slice the beans down the long way, place in vodka, and wait 6 weeks. The longer you wait, the better you’re results will be. Don’t loose your patience before 6 weeks, since your vanilla just won’t be ready to be vanilla.


It’s that simple!

Experiment and enjoy!


Love from our kitchen to yours,

~ A taste of home in Israel