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Hi Everyone,

We’re warming up here. I mean, in here. Not outside. Outside it is actually cold. Like really really cold. Which is exciting news here. The summer was so.very.long. It’s nice to be reminded that it can get freezing. Just in time for Chanukah coziness.

We’re checking back in today for some incredible Inside the Bakery at Kosher Cakey.

inside the bakery logop copy

Have we discussed that we love being creative? And that we love all of YOU for challenging us with your requests? You all make this bakery happen =)

So here comes a new challenge.

Genius Yosef’s Bar Mitzvah was coming up. His family was looking for something super creative, that would reflect his latest problem solving passion.

rubiks cube

A Rubik’s Cube.

Can we do something along that theme?

Now, we’ve never made a Rubik’s Cube before. The perfectly squared cake, all the little colorful cubes.  Forget the theme. We were going to actually make a Rubik’s Cube in it’s full glory. This was such an exciting challenge; we delve right into it.

rubik's cube cake

I know what you’re thinking – what’s the deal with Yosef and his Rubik’s Cube passion?  Well, as his proud mother put it “He was in the Tel Aviv Rubik’s Cube companionship over Sukkos.”

That says it all guys, that’s cool. Like super cool. 13 year old at a companionship? What were you doing at 13? This guy’s taking his passions seriously. And good for him!

rubiks cube cake

Hats off to you Yosef!!


Love from our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel