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Hi Everyone,

Where do we even begin? Chanukah – done! Look out for our Chanukah round up coming up. Don’t we all love to sit and sip our coffee (or tea) and chat for a bit? Thought so.

Remember how we kind of told you we have BIG news coming up? Like BIG. Stay tuned for that too!

We’re back for some more Inside the Bakery.

inside the bakery logop copy

We were so excited when not long ago, Penny Rabinowitz from Save the Day Events reached out to us for her daughter’s upcoming birthday celebration.

Even before placing her request, it was clear that this was going to be big. Because well, she’s Penny’s daughter! Enough said 🙂

Jordana is a fashionista. She lives in Jerusalem and is a part owner of Trumpeldor- a second hand vintage and consignment clothing store in Nachlaot.  After years of being inspired, loving and following Missoni’s art and patterns, she recently met Marguerita Missoni and her mother in Milan. Pause. Fashion? Milan. Lots of BIG stuff going on today. Just look at this.



Obviously she loves Missoni. Wouldn’t you?

Never have we created a cake for a fashion lover, full of print and design like Penny wished for. Sure, we’ve done shoes, even a fashion themed cake . But hard core fashion? This would be a first.

We jumped for the challenge. And loved it. Every minute of this creation was pure fun.

missoni cake

Happy Birthday Jordana!

Love From Our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel