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Hi Everyone,

We promised a Chanukah roundup. So here we are – Chanukah roundup.

It’s been crazy. It’s been busy. It’s been hectic. It’s been exciting. But more than all, it’s been FUN.



There’s something about the constant rush of orders, the new creations, the busy-end-of-the-weeks that simply keep us on our feet. Did you say rest? Hu? Not much of that around here.  My family often asks me how many hours I sleep. Honestly, I’m afraid to spill the beans. I love my bakery. And sleep, well, not as much. It does catch up with me though. Boy, thank G-d for Shabbos! Don’t you just love that day of rest? It’s the best. Spent with family and friends, home cooked food, the view from my porch. Well, nothing quite beats that.

Back to Chanukah. It was loaded with orders. So many in fact, we received 68 Chanukah themed orders, above the regular celebration cakes. We love how these numbers keep rising =)

These were such a hit. And don’t you love the donut box? Ultra Chanukah themed. We loved it =)


Next up – Purim. But we’ve got some time to breath until then.


Until later!

Love From Our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel