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Hi Everyone,


We’ve been mentioning some big news coming up.  It’s been brewing for a while, but you know how it is – until all the pieces are in place we felt it’s best to keep things well, under wraps.

But now, after weeks of running around, little to no sleep, one hundred and a million details to work on, it’s actually happening. Like in a very real-actually-happening-kind-of-way.

Guys, it’s true.

We’re moving. As in the bakery. Is moving. To a new amazing store location.

There. The word is out.

MOVING. Is that wild?? We think so too.

Now, lets backtrack like um 1 month. Managing this ever growing bakery out of the house was becoming close to impossible. With so many orders to fill, so much equipment, and so little space, we were realizing the time has come. A 3rd oven and mixer were becoming a must and there was no way we were fitting that all into our current (cozy) location.

So the search began. Well, not really. We were so extremely very lucky that a perfect opportunity came about. In the.most.perfect.location.EVER. Close to home, central, in a shopping center. Seriously, nothing beats that!

The place we’re taking over was previously a bagel store. And the owner wanted to sell all his equipment as well. Hello! Major win win for us. Without looking any further searching, we have everything there, as if waiting for us.

Why has it been crazy? I wonder that as well. There’s the technical stuff like store permits, lots of offices and little details. There’s also the super fun stuff like painting (pink of course!), blowing up pictures for the wall, designing a menu and oh-so-much-more.

Friends, that’s a wrap for today. Stay tuned for pictures!

Love From Our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel