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Hi Everyone,

Before we get to discussing today’s cake, let’s just pause one more moment and discuss the fact that Kosher Cakery has a store. A real store, with pink walls and all! We’re so excited. It’s been so crazy, operating a business on-the-move. But thanks to our amazing staff, it’s been way better than I can ask for. Thanks you guys! =)

inside the bakery logop copy

You know how we love being challenged by unique cake requests. It seems that every time a new request comes in we’re pushed to our creative limits, but then a new order comes in. It’s great discovering all this hidden talent in ourselves?

Reuven’s birthday was coming up. He’s currently studying in Imeri Bina in Jerusalem.  When birthday opportunities come up we LOVE customizing to make it feel all personal. You know, like that Missoni cake, sushi lover cake, card lover cake. You get the point. Make the birthday boy/girl feel happy, loved and cared for. That’s the ultimate goal here.

We asked Reuven’s mom what he liked, so we can make him feel loved on his birthday. Her response sure surprised us! But hey, we want to deliver =)


Yup, Reuven loves avocado. And good for him! Now, how does one make an avocado cake? I asked myself the same question. After some research, brainstorming, and hoping for a lightbulb moment, we came up with it.

avocado cake

Love it. Love it! Seriously, it’s worth it to be an avocado lover. And even cooler? Hidden in that avocado is our delicious snickerdoodle cake, with cream cheese icing.

Thank you for bringing out our creativity Jill and Reuven! And we even got great feedback too –  “Devorah shocked me and the whole yeshiva with her life like avocado cake. It was a huge hit. I’m already thinking about what cake I can order next year. Thanks for making Reuvens bday a blast!!!”

Happy birthday!!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel