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Hi Everyone,

What took so long? Good question! But here we are, filling you in on all the details of the big day incase you missed it.

Last Monday Kosher Cakery finally and officially opened it’s brand new doors. After loads of talk here, here and here. It happened. The big grand opening happened. And oh! It was amazing.

The bakery

Seriously though, things have been so busy that came the weekend and we still weren’t 100% sure what the plan for the day was. Thanks to our so-amazing-full-of-energy staff, all the pieces fell into place and we actually came up with some great things.

First off: Pink ribbon. You should have guessed. Shiny pink ribbon. On our door. And it needed to be cut for the opening! Have you ever done that? Did you know it’s so fun. I would almost say it’s worth it to go through the hassle of opening a store for the pink-ribbon-cutting.

pink ribbon

Next off were the goodies we had for everyone. Loads of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, topped with Kosher Cakery buttercream.

And there were heavenly brownies. Hello chocolate lovers! This one is for you. Made with you in mind. Made with love.

And chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. You know what’s great about these? They taste homemade. Oh. SO homemade. None of that packaged stuff. That’s we do here – A Taste of Home.

But the best part?

All of YOU. That came out and showed your unwavering support. You joined in on the big day. Enjoyed cake and coffee, and filled the bakery.

We couldn’t have done it without you.


That’s it friends. Excitement is over, until Purim that is. Now we’re back for some more Inside the Bakery peeks, amazing and helpful kitchen tips, and perhaps and coffee break chat here and there. Cuz hey, we even have fresh coffee here!

And of course, drop by! We’re at the Sheinfeld Shopping Center in Bet Shemesh. Hours are: Sun – Wed: 9:30-7:00, Thurs: 9:30-8:30, Fri: 9:00-12:00

‘Till next time!

Love From Our Kitchen to Yours,

~A Taste of Home in Israel