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Hi Everyone,

Back for some kitchen tips. Something tells me today is a good day to talk about eggs.

Yup, the ones a chicken lays. The ones that are essential for practically every recipe makes. The ones that get delivered by the hundreds(!!) to our bakery.

Our good friends, eggs.

If you’ve been around, I’m sure you’ve noticed that other than eggs being a necessity, they can get messy and annoying at times. Eggs shell, anyone? Flopped whisking and folding? I know, so frustrating.

Follow us with these few simple tips, and award yourself with a better egg relationship.

Separating an egg:

So many recipes call for separating eggs. So many of us just turn to the next recipe in order to avoid this mess. It’s really not as bad as you think!

Crack the egg (by tapping it on the edge of a bowl or a cup), open it by using your thumbs on both shells, like this –


Now, tip the white into a bowl, and tip the yolk from one shell to another. Voila! You did it.

If a drop of yolk accidentally made it’s way into the white, you can remove it with an eggshell.


Folding in an egg white:

When you need to fold in whipped egg white into your batter, this is the best way to do it:

Using a metal spoon, add 1 spoonful to your cake/mousse mixture to loosen it up. Then, add the remainder slowly, while lifting the mixture up and over the egg whites in a figure 8 motion. As soon as it seems combine, stop and don’t overmix.

egg whites

egg whites2

Whisking egg whites:

This simple kitchen “task” is probably one of the most avoided (just like separating eggs) out of fear of flopping your eggs = flopping your recipe 🙁

But here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Use a CLEAN and DRY bowl.
  2. A metal bowl and balloon whisk will give you the best results
  3. Begin beating slowwwwly, only when they become frothy increase the speed.
  4. You’re done when the foam is firm enough to “peak” (see picture)
  5. Use as soon as they are whisked, if you let them sit around, they will flop
  6. peaks

Any more eggie questions? Post them in the comments!

Love From Our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel