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Hi Everyone,

Usually we chat a bit before we get to actually talking about our cake. But this week, we just couldn’t help it. And it’s not even about the cake, it’s about our customers that we love so much.

inside the bakery logop copyThis was Elie’s feedback:

“When my sons and I presented Shari with her personalized birthday confection, she was speechless.  She was blown away by the detail of each item and said it was the best birthday surprise she ever received. (I should also mention that it was delicious!)”

Many of you wonder – perhaps to yourself, cuz you’re nice like that – why we do what we do. Or better yet, how we keep up with the constant flow of orders, challenges and requests. Honestly, yeah, it sometimes does get quite hectic around here. Did anyone say stressful? But what keeps us on our toes are words like Elie’s. And no, we’re not even seeking compliments, it’s just the confirmation that we’re making other people happy. Because that is what we are here to do.

Back to this birthday creation.

Elie’s a loyal costumer. He reached out to us for his wife Shari’s upcoming birthday. After meeting together, we came up with a grand idea. We would use our signature Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie as a platform for all the things she loves.

cookie cake

First off, the things that identify Shari. Like her red hair, Israeli flag (Zionist and made the BIG move. Yay!), Glass of wine (seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine?), Eshet Chayil crown. Aw! And a CAWFEE cup – what do we love more? Her coffee or accent?

Her passions – schoolbooks and a bumblebee, Shari co-founded a network of day care centers in New York called “Bumblebees R Us”, Novel with reading glasses (gotta love a good book!), and TV (guilty pleasure).

Her talents – Baking supplies “She’s a world class cook and baker”,  Art supplies (runs day camps like a pro), Waze logo (some direction talents going for her =)

And of course, A #1 Mom Medal.

Shout out to this awesome family!

And many more happy birthdays =)