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Hi Everyone,

Throwing a party? Excitement is in the air. I feel it. Ok, I know you’re stressed out too. But we’re all only human, me and you. So enjoy the fun.


You booked the venue, got that band, sent out those invitations you worked so hard on. Finally you ended the back and forth with the printer when you realized these invitations NEED to get out. After store hopping from store to store for the outfit of your dreams, you found something you love. Why didn’t you go there in the first place? Don’t we all love Murphy’s Law? It will be sure to follow you around at times of need 🙂

Now it’s crunch time. Not all the rsvp’s are back, but you need to know. The big question everyone needs an answer too. You know – how many guests are attending this big bash?? Oh, how we wish we knew. But we don’t. So we choose that perfectly beautifully round number that just seems to be safe. Yup, our beloved 100.

Point #1:

How much dessert is needed for 100 people? Well, there are three important factors you should always consider.

  1. When is this party taking place? If it’s a Kiddush – you are getting a hungry crowd. They probably haven’t eaten much, and are happy to begin the Shabbos feast with the delicacies at your event. People standing around + hungry = needs LOTS of dessert. Aprox 3-4 pieces of cake/cookies/bars per

Point #2:

But say it’s the middle of the week, assume that people are generally not as starving. (More on this in point #3).

  1. Location. Location. Location. Isn’t that the key to everything?

Got a small hall? A/c not working? People will be in and out, they won’t hang around if it’s not comfortable.

Big hall, lots of space? Assume your guests will be having a ball. Which means they are in no rush. They are happy where they are and will keep eating those desserts as long as they are there.

  1. Are you serving a full meal or dessert only? If it’s a full meal, you can figure that come dessert and your guests are stuffed from the delicious meal.

Point #3:

Did you decide to do a dessert only event? Oh, will your guests live it up. Nothing like endless options of satisfactions for a sweet tooth on an empty stomach. Your guests will each have their very own individual dessert party. Assume 2- pieces of goods per person, if they’re after dinner.

dessert table

Take this into account, and happy planning. And remember, a little leftovers won’t hurt anyone!


~Love from our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel