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Hi Everyone,

Let’s discuss flavor today. I know, you’re wondering what there is to discuss. Do you like chocolate or vanilla? Isn’t that what you were asked when you were like 5, and got to choose ice cream with Grandma and your day out together? (Btw, I’m vanilla. If you were curious.)

Ice Cream 101

Seriously, flavor goes way beyond that. Like Mocha buttercream on a chocolate cupcake (YUM), Maple glazed muffins, Cookies and Cream filling and oh so much more. Get the picture? Flavor is like a whole new world in baking and dessert eating, for those of you who prefer to be guinea pigs when it comes to trying new things.  It takes things from normal to unbelievably delicious. Which will soon make you think is the new normal.

Practically, what are we talking about?

* Want to take your cupcakes from plain to coffee flavored? SO simple. Dissolve 1 tbsp instant coffee in 1 tsp boiling water and add to the batter.


You can do the same to buttercream. Or better yet – glaze. Say you’re covering cinnamon buns in a glaze (cuz why wouldn’t you??) take them to the next level by adding some coffee to the glaze – YUM.

* Peanut Butter – our all time favorite. Want to add peanut butter to your buttercream to top a chocolate cupcake? Or how about topping chocolate brownies? It’s a win win.


Cream 75 grm butter/margarine with 125 grm peanut butter and 175 grm icing sugar. And you have got yourself perfection!

* Extracts – if a recipe calls for a flavored extract, don’t ditch it! The real, good quality extracts will add a richness to your baking that you won’t be able to achieve otherwise (coffee, mint, lemon etc).

That’s a wrap guys! Go flavor and have fun =)

~Love from our Kitchen to Your,

A Taste of Home in Israel