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Hi Everyone,

Have you been following your calendar? Or are you the kind of person that prefers to avoid the calendar because that need to plan for what’s coming up ahead? We’re with you on that. No guilt =)

BUT but but. There’s one thing we haven’t forgotten about. The Big Happy Fun Exciting P word. You know. PURIM. It’s round the corner and boy are we gearing up.

We love Purim so much, that we planned our special baskets ages ago. Seriously. After catching our breath (and a short vacation) after last Purim, we couldn’t hold back but plan for this year.

So exciting. You know the thrill of coming up with a new idea? When you know that THIS is it and there Yup. Purim planning =) We love it, we wait for it, we adore it.

Sooo what’s all this about?

We are dedicating this little corner on the web to introduce our 4 newest friends and additions to the Bakery. Click pictures to direct order page on our site!

First up: The Jester

The jester Purim

These 12 Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookie are newbies here at Kosher Cakery. No worries though. They are doing wonderfully and oh-so-loved by all. And of course some candy to go with. Sugar. We love sugar.

Next: Royal Guard

royal guard purim

Custom Decorated, Hand Made, filled with the best of the best. These cupcakes are so fun, we kind of just want to keep them on display.

Getting there: Queen’s Court

queen's court purim

The best of both worlds. Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies and Decorated Cupcakes. Need we say more?

The Best: King’s Crown

kings crown purim

If you want to go all out, this one’s for you. Or someone you love and want to let them know just how much. A cake, cookies, dried fruit and wine. Ultimate goodness.


Thanks for checking out our new friends! We know you’ll love them.

Be sure to order by March 20th!


~Love from Our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel