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Hi Everyone,

With Purim round the corner you can imagine the bakery is just a bit..busy. Shall we say. It’s so much fun preparing all those individualized and themed packages for friends and family. Been there! But it’s a whole different ball game doing it on a bakery level. And we LOVE.IT. Obviously. Our job is baking and packaging delicious food, all day. What can be better?

inside the bakery logop copy

Purim aside for just a moment, because you are sure to hear lots about it in the upcoming weeks. And we know you really want to see what’s going on inside the bakery.

This cake was adorable. And so touching. In a way that reminds us how much we love what we do. Not only do we sell baked goods. We make people happy, feel loved, cared for, and in this case – all of the above plus more.

A customer contacted us with such a heartwarming request “I would like to have something made for a friend of mine…its actually an apology for saying something really stupid, thoughtless and careless!”


Hold your horses. Before we even get to talking about the cake.  We were just so touched by the kind gesture here. Mistakes are so easy to make. And oh-so-hard to fix. But this friend wouldn’t give up. And from across the oceans she racked her brain how to fix this mistake.

We love that Kosher Cakery was her address.  Not only was our goal to deliver a delicious and gorgeous cake, but the ultimate goal? Help out over here! =)

Together, we came up with this.

apology cake

How cute? Not only were we given the chance for a new design, but reminded what relationships are all about. Say sorry! Whichever way possible.

The end of the story? Our customer reported that “It worked!”.



Love From our Kitchen to Yours,

~ A Taste of Home in Israel