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Hi Everyone,

You know when it happens. You make the perfect cake. Followed all the tips in the world to bake the perfect cake. You put time and energy into it now. And here’s the grand question: How do I keep it fresh?


Say the cake you made wasn’t finished the same day (now, WHY would that happen? No questions). Or you’re being the super duper organized and planned in advance. Which makes you bake in advance. Cheers for you. Seriously. Either way, how do you keep that cake fresh and moist?

Today we have a few tricks and tips for you.

The Unfrosted and Uncut Cake:

Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, top, sides, and bottoms, so the plastic is touching the sides of the cake (that is to say, don’t just drape the plastic over the top). Can’t stress enough the word tightly. Don’t loosely wrap it, because then it will be loosely sealed. Next, place your wrapped cake in a plastic bag with a “zip-lock” type seal.

fresh cake

You can store wrapped cakes on the counter at room temperature, and they’ll keep for about a week before starting to stale on you. Oil-based cakes tend to keep a day or two longer than butter-based ones.

The Frosted and Un-Cut Cake

The frosting actually acts like plastic wrap here, protecting the cake from air and moisture in the environment. A frosted cake can be kept at room temperature for 4-5 days. Cover it with a cake keeper or an overturned bowl to protect it from dust, pet hair, and other things in the air (plastic wrap isn’t necessary and would smoosh up the lovely frosting).


The Cut Cake, Frosted or Unfrosted

As soon as you make a cut, moisture begins to escape and cause the cake stale more quickly. If you can, cover the sliced edges with more frosting to protect the cake from moisture loss. Otherwise, press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto the sliced side and make sure it sticks. Then proceed with covering and storing the cake as for the uncut version. Cut cake keeps for a little less time, about 3-4 days.


And most imortant – enjoy your cake!

~Love from our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel