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Hi Everyone,

Wow. Where do we begin? Purim madness in full force. More on that next week when we can take a few minutes to begin reflecting and hearing with the big world what it has been like at Kosher Cakery.

inside the bakery logop copy

For now, we chose to focus on some bakery creations. And since it’s been so so long since we shared this kind of fun with you, we have loads in store (pun intended!) today.

New requests are always so much fun. As much as we have a routine and love our classics like Tie it With a Bow and Cookie and Cream (which I’m sure I can make in my sleep), it’s so exciting to come up with new creations. New = thought + brainstorming + creativity. So much fun. And of course it absolutely cannot happen without our talented crew who comes up with fabulous creations.

First up: 

This Crystal Light cake. Clearly for a Crystal Light lover, or perhaps it’s an inside joke? We went with all out lover. And inside? Filled with chocolate and vanilla goodness. Seriously, does it get better than that?

Nothin like the good ol’ classic flavors.

Next up:

car cupcakes

A sport car lovers dream. How cool would it be to receive cupcakes designed with your ultimate favorite thing in life? We wanted to make sure this car lover got that super cool feeling. The good news? He did =) Hooray!

For these cakes, we were actually considering making a 3D car. That didn’t happen since we decided to stick to the logo themes. Definitely on our list for new challenge!

Last but not Least:girl cake 3 

Perhaps you’re female and couldn’t quite relate to the car loving euphoria feeling? This one’s for you. Shoes galore. Loads of couture and high end went into this one. And the fun! Oh, it was such fun making this one.

Did you notice the perfume?girl cake

And little brown bag?girl cake2

Does it get better than that? Didn’t think so.


That’s a wrap for today! You got a real peek inside the bakery. You’ve followed our Purim excitement and prep, and we couldn’t do it without you!

Until next time =)


~Love from our Kitchen to Yours,

A Taste of Home in Israel